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One of the main aspects of learning to sew is to know the various stitches and patterns that are available. In fact, working from a sewing machine is relatively easy that needs to follow some specific instructions for all the materials to be used and also know the process on how to use it. If you are trying to sew a new dress of your own idea, then the fundamentals of stitching play an ultimate role.

Different types of stitches and patterns

In order to make a desired garment, the first basic step is to know about the different stitches and its related tools, which are mainly used for sewing. According to the uses, these stitches are classified into several categories such as:

  • Straight stitches

It is a very basic and simple type of stitch that always advisable to learn. This can be done in a straight line, which is clear from the name of a stitch.

  • Cross stitches

It is another basic and most popular type of stitch that often used for thread working pattern. As the name itself clearly signifies, it is made by crossing threads over each other. Depend on the thickness of a thread, the size can be modified.

  • Composite stitches

In this stitching process, there is more than one type of stitches included. These types of stitches are generally large, but may not cover the whole canvas. There are several needlepoint works, which are called as composite stitches.

  • Diagonal stitches

This kind of stitch is worked up in a slanting pattern. It is a little bit dicey kin and needs to maintain an appropriate tension while working with them.

  • Running stitches

This type of stitch is good for collecting fabric that helps to make basting seams and gathered skirts and so on. The running stitch looks exactly same on both sides of the fabric.


  • Back stitches

The back stitch normally makes a strong seam, but it can reach awkward. This is similar to the straight machine stitch, but the stitches can overlap on a wrong side.

  • Whip stitches

This kind of stitch is a little bit complicated and also more useful than the normal running stitch. By using whip stitch, you can use the fix pillows, couch cushions, pillow cases and any other items.

  • Slip stitches

As like a whip stitch, the slip stitch can close up the holes and seams as well. It is one of the toughest stitches that need to follow the procedure carefully.

  • Baseball stitches

This stitch is a little bit slower than the whip stitch and also a better in quality. This stitch is very small and resembles the stitching like a baseball.

Best stitches for beginners

If you are a beginner and wish to learn sewing, there are several different types of best stitches available. You can choose any kind of stitch based on your occasion, time and also a type of clothing to be made. Even the curtains and home d├ęcor furnishing clothes require a different set of threadwork, which needs to be done beautifully.

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